Youth Programs

The ChangeWorks Youth Programs have been designed to help stop destructive inter-generational patterns of violence and abuse and to resource young people and their families with skills and capacity, enabling them to become positive parents, role models and empowered community members.

During the course of each program, ChangeWorks clients will:

  1. be affirmed with an unconditional positive regard for self and others 

  2. know who they are and where they come from

  3. know where they are going and why

  4. be able to identify who it is that they need to support them on that journey.

Our current programs are listed here. These links will take you to each individual program page for a general description of the topics we cover during each program. Further details can be obtained through our Contact page.

From the social workers

“Working with ChangeWorks Trust is a pleasure and I wholeheartedly support their methods and ways of working with boys. I have no hesitation in recommending ChangeWorks Trust.”  (Social Worker)

“Tony is back with his girlfriend Jane and has not had an argument or fight since his return. Tony is also looking forward to being an active father in his child’s life now, something he thought would not happen if he had not learnt new skills from this program.” (Social Worker)

“... has been teaching Jim since he was Year 9 so knows him well. He said that he felt you were the most positively influential thing in Jim’s life and that his life had changed for the better since he began working with you.” (Social Worker)